Cufflinks from the past and the present

    Men´s shirts are another of my «caprichos», that´s why I have been inevitable drawned to the paradise of cufflinks and once you enter that world, there is no way out…

    Made with silver and gold, and with other materials as olive, cocobolo or ebony wood; mother-pearl, vintage bone or any kind of antique piece I find on my way. Constructed in 3 micron rose or yellow gold-plated sterling silver or gold.

  • dominoes in ebony
  • Dominoes in bone
  • solid gold 18k olive pits
  • solid silver gold-plated olive pits
  • Dominoes Mother pearl
  • Vintage Jungle bone
  • Mother pearl and ebony rhombuses
  • a little bit of everything
  • solid silver olive pits
  • ebony cacao nibs
  • Solid silver cacao nibs
  • golf trick
  • Black and white dominoes
  • Mother pearl rhombuses dominoes
  • cocobolo cacao nibs
  • Bone and pink dominoes
  • cocobolo and ping dominoes
  • Pink gold solid plated cacao nibs
  • White M&M with vintage closure
  • as of diamonds
  • GONE, Crystal pink horses
  • Pink plated ballet shoes
  • GONE, Mother pearl Crystal arrows
  • Retro cocobolos
  • Circle cocobolo